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whats new at summit mall?

April 27th, 2003- MORE NEW STUFF!

Those two new roomates, left, but this morning two more came. We upgraded the lot again it is not lot size 6. We remodled the store a little bit to make a little more room, so come by to check it out.
April 26th, 2003- It's underway

We got a bunch of good news, Summit Mall is introducing an new addition to the mall, we are opening "The Summit Lounge" it's a special area of the house that lets special permission in. Their are 2 new roomates that were hired last night, check out the roomies page for more infomation. You might have noticed the new button it now lets you submit "news items" but it's not currently active, but will be soon.
April 25th, 2003

The site is going under way as planed. We built the other pages, but if you try to go to them it will just bring you to a blank page, but don't worry those pages will be built sometime this weekend, so make sure you check those out. The main page was causing a little trouble so it had to be changes a bit... it doesnt mean the page is done yet.

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